Sunday, August 21, 2011

Oh. My. Stars.

So here's something not many people know about me. I'm not proud of this. I love poptarts. Love them. I'd eat them for breakfast, lunch (well, maybe dessert) and bedtime snack seven days a week if I could.  I admit, they're kind of gross for dinner though. And they have to be the frosted kind. The unfrosted ones just strike me as too ... healthy.

Sometimes I'll buy the brown sugar ones because I know the boys don't like those, and then I'll get the whole package to myself.

So I got all excited when I was browsing the Williams Sonoma clearance table ($14 for a jar of hot pepper jam? No, thank you. I'll stick with your clearance items), where a pop tart maker toaster pastry press was marked down from $10 to $5. So of course I bought it.  It came with a recipe on the package.

And this morning I made the oh-my-stars-best-freaking-poptarts I've ever eaten.  The recipe called for two sticks of butter, and I ended up with 5 pop tarts toaster pastries. Subtracting the one tablespoon of butter that I dropped on the floor and left for Zoet, that's 3 tablespoons of butter per tart pastry.  I used the food processor, and they could not have been easier to make.  And of course, a single serving of these is two, right?  I mean, they're poptarts.  I filled them with Nutella and jam I made with those raspberries I picked a while back.

I think we'll have poptarts for supper tonight.


  1. delish! sounds good, gary and I were talking about you today so I figured I'd catch up on your blog :) elise

  2. I freaking LOVE nutella!! And pop tarts!! I realized the other day that my husband has never had one. How do you make it to your late 20's having never had a pop tart?? We're not talking beluga caviar here.... seriously. You can get them anywhere. He liked them!

  3. Those look really good. My favorite Pop Tarts are blueberry muffin. It's like liquid blueberry frosting in the middle or something.