Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Not a Drop To Drink

My water bills since the beginning of the year:

2/2/2011 $104.18

4/2/2011 $91.92

6/9/2011 $87.28

Then this came today:

click to enlarge
I  was expecting an increase.  What hurts is that when I first looked at the bill without my glasses I read it as $45.22.  See how there's no dollar sign next to the amount due?

But what really hurts is that I've started on the paperwork to put in a second meter for the irrigation system, which the City says should save about half (the sewer amount). They've informed me that the line into the house is lead, which means I'm going to have to dig up the lawn to replace the line. Yes, the line that goes under my brand new lawn, the lawn which is probably steadfastly rooted because I've dumped about the equivalent of the Atlanta Aquarium on it in the last two months.  Estimate for the project, including associated plumbing and yard work and the meter and its $300 application fee, is up to about $4500.  Oh, and everything from the house to the street is my responsibility.

Now, think of the worst swear word you've ever heard me say.

Multiply that by eight hundred and forty-five point twenty-two.

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