Sunday, March 27, 2011

Want To Know What 98 Did Today?

So I just mentioned on Facebook last week that Agent 98 got a lifetime high score in bowling of 159. A mere 8 days later he blew that record right out of the water on the final day of his travel league. I'm not much of a photographer, so the scores are a little hard to read (and I 'shopped out the names). In addition to the new game high personal best, his play today also earned him a lifetime series high of 450 (scratch).

Game 1: 192 scratch; 283 handicap

Game 2: 125 scratch; 216 handicap

Game 3: 133 scratch; 224 handicap

Topping off an already awesome day, 98 won the third place trophy for an Individual High Game (with Handicap) for the season at the league banquet. His team also took home the 2nd place trophy for Team Total (Scratch Score).  Congratulations to 98 and Lanes & Games travel team!