Thursday, March 31, 2011

Career Day

I recently started online banking, and it's really convenient.  Too convenient in at least one particular aspect, and I made a comment to this effect on Facebook recently, and had a back-and-forth with a friend, which was interrupted by a second friend's castigation about discussing such things on Facebook.  Facebook!  Of all places!  He was right, of course, and we dropped the subject.

Within 24 hours, I began receiving indications that something was amiss with my online identity. I became a proud purveyor of drugs. Canadian drugs. Canadian Viagra, to be specific.  If you got an offer from me for drugs, you're in good company. So did my mom. My brothers and sister, my in-laws. Friends. Neighbors. My kids' teachers.  The travel agent we used when we lived on Kwaj.  An ex-boyfriend from college. The White House.  And oh, let's not forget: my parish priest.


I don't actually think my excursion into online employment had anything at all to do with my Facebook comment, but nonetheless, I've decided it's time to retire from my discount online Canadian drug sales gig.  It was taking too much time away from my training to become a telephone psychic.  And you just know how that's going to work out ... or do you?

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  1. Did your parish priest order any?