Friday, March 25, 2011

In Case You've Ever Wondered ...

... about that warning on the side of aerosol cans: Do not puncture or incinerate. That label always made me want to toss one into a fire, you  know, just to see.

Clearly the warning is not addressed to dogs. Because effective  this very evening I know for a fact that if a dog punctures an aerosol can, it just makes a quiet hissing sound that makes you go, "Hey, I wonder what that sound is," until the entire contents of even a very small can will fill up the room with a mushroom cloud of propellant that will make you run for fresh air or a gas mask.

Oh, Zoet. Of all the things in this house you can chew on, you choose my brand new inhaler? Yes, that inhaler. The one the pharmacist lectured me about not 24 hours ago, "Don't waste these, Mrs. JEN-Tile (grrrr) because every time we sell one, we lose money, you know (double grrrrr).

To those of you out there with exploding punctured aerosol cans of asthma medicine, Zoet tells you this: You're doing it wrong.


  1. They lose money?? I have the same inhaler and my copay is forty-freaking dollars. Lose money my behind.


  2. I agree! The copays are ridiculous they aren't losing money at all!!

  3. Sorry, folks. I may have to put up with a condescending MIT pharmacist, but 3-months'-worth was $30. I guess I'll keep my mouth shut!