Thursday, October 14, 2010

Way to Play to the Masses, Boston Globe G Section

The October 13 Boston Globe G section contained an article about where to get a great burger in greater Boston.  With two teenage boys, I have a bit of experience with burger joints, and I have my favorite spots already.  But I'm always open to a great new burger place.  Imagine my disappointment when the article turned out to be about great burgers under $20.

Twenty dollars, Boston Globe?  Have you read a newspaper recently?

I'll stick with some of my reliable favorites, thank you very much.

In no particular order, we have Five Guys burgers, which Tom introduced us to during a visit to DC, where the Alexandria, VA location was a regular destination for us.  The one in Dedham, MA is a bit too fast-food-restauranty for me, but you can get a  four burgers there for under $20. Total.

If you're in Harvard Square and want a burger, and don't mind if your burger comes with a side of political cooties, there's Mr. Bartley's Burgers on Mass Ave.  You might want to head there during off-peak hours, but you can get a burger there named after, among others, Scott Brown, Teddy Kennedy, Deval Patrick or Mitt Romney.  Don't forget the sweet potato fries. You can also get a Viagra there, without a prescription.

Tied with me for burger quality and menu variety, but with maybe a little more ambiance, check out the Boston Burger Company in Davis Square.  The boys' favorite there is the Artery Clogger, a chicken-fried hamburger.  You could get two Artery Cloggers, with beverages, for that same $20.

For my money the only burger worth $20 is one that comes with a side of prime rib.  And I haven't found that one on a menu yet.

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