Saturday, April 29, 2017

Road Test

Blue is me. Grey is 98's Auntie Jeanne.

You're welcome.

Oh, and another thing I forgot about until this very second. So, the tester gets out of the car and I hop in the front and we drive off, into the empty-ish parking lot at the Watertown Mall . And I turn to 98 who's still driving and say, "I'm sorry. But it's not too bad. When we get home, get back online and make a new appointment and you can retest soon and we'll just practice like crazy in the meantime." And he replied, "What are you talking about, Mom. I passed." And I was, "Um, no you didn't." I mean, I was there. I just saw this whole thing with my own eyes. I saw the guy stamp on the permit. I didn't know what it said but I figured it was "retest required." So I made him stop the car and pull over and show me his permit. And sure enough, it was stamped, "passed." I was flabbergasted. I spent the rest of the ride trying not to clutch the door handle too obviously.

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