Sunday, May 18, 2014

Ode to Eagles

Guest Blogger: Judy N.

Today is a tale
Of some fine young men,
Together like this,
Not soon seen again.

Busy they've been since
Their first day in school,
Never wasting time
Trying to be cool.

Deemed gentle and kind,
Deep and artistic,
Never were they just
A teenage statistic.

There's theatre and jazz
And Kairos and tech,
Plus crew up on deck.

But please don't dare think
They just cared for fun,
Grades mostly came first;
No day in the sun.

For those unconvinced,
Just look at this list.
Their smarts got them here --
Let others use fists!

And Vanderbilt too,
Providence, phew!

One of them didn't
Spend time on the fence,
Right from the start
It's been Sarah Lawrence.

RIT, MIT ...
Not bad, don't you think?
They all have a link

Not cheap are these schools --
Cost a payola!
But happy he'll be
Off at Loyola.

And last but not least,
A heck of a guy,
Sure to succeed at

Diapers to tuxes,
"Too fast, God!" we say,
But change not a thing
To be here today.

Our hearts filled with love,
Our glass to the sky --
"To Eagles that soar
And to BC High!"

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