Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Wildest Thing Just Happened

The wildest thing just happened at Shaw’s Supermarket in Medford this afternoon. Well, it actually started a couple of days ago …

Has that house changed!
I was running errands for my mom in Quincy, and Agent 96 was in the car with me. We were in Wollaston, and in no rush, so I took a detour down to 122 Taylor Street.

I digress, though. My story has nothing to do with Taylor Street.

Driving through the old neighborhood, I pointed out to 96 some different houses that I know he didn’t care one whit about, but it was conversation, and that’s better than no conversation. So I pointed out Auntie Jeanne’s friend Corinne’s house. Corinne got into wicked trouble -- like, grounded-for-the-rest-of-the-school-year-trouble -- for hitting me with a rock once. I don’t recall any of the details; but I’d place money on me being a pain in the neck to them, and I probably wailed, offended that she actually got me, and it's more than likely I thumbed my nose at her when she got in trouble for it.

Yeah, I’m still digressing, sorry. There was Carolyn’s house (hi, Carolyn!); and the house where I used to babysit; and there on Safford Street, I pointed out to 96 where my childhood friend, Linda Simpson, lived.  I probably hadn’t thought of this person in forty years. We were friends in junior high school; it might even have been elementary school.

So I’m my own grocery store, in Medford, earlier today, picking up the cat food I didn’t have in the house to feed the cats this morning. I load my 48 cans onto the conveyor belt and glance at the person in line in front of me.

It. Can’t. Be. 

I thought to myself that I must be imagining the resemblance, only because I had just spoken of her after so long. But this woman looked so much like her I literally did a double take. Before she left the register, I had to ask. “Your first name wouldn’t be ‘Linda’ by any chance, would it?” I asked, with some hesitation and more than a dash of embarrassment. Surprised, she acknowledged that yes, indeed, she is one of us. “Simpson?” I continued. Her jaw dropped, and she replied, "It used to be ... but ..." and I identified myself to her. I'm pretty sure I saw a flash of worry across her face when I then blurted out, “...and I just drove by your house the other day!” But I was quick to explain my story, and I don’t think any TROs will be forthcoming.

But holy heck, really, that was some wild thing that happened at Shaws’s today!


  1. LOL Hi Linda! I wouldn't recognize 122 Taylor. Wow. Those red doors. I remember it being maybe, what? brown with yellow trim? Anyhow that's truly wild. Haven't been back to Quincy in years. But I do have some old photos of our house.

  2. I tried to get a picture of your house from Google or Zillow but I wasn't sure enough of the address ... and I wasn't sure if any of your family was still there, and didn't want to invade their privacy if they were.

    Doesn't that house look awful now, though!?