Sunday, October 30, 2011

Where'd They Go?

Where'd they go? You know, those cute little ghosties and goblins, scarfers of candy, trick-or-treaters who would gladly let me have the Reese's while they take the Sour Patch Kids.

And who left behind those smelly, smarmy Bigfoots?
1996: 96's first Halloween. 10 days old.

1997: 96 at one year (and ten days). He's a black cat, in case it isn't obvious (don't worry, it's not).

1998: Firefighter and his trusty sidekick, Dalmation.

1999: Ah, the Thomas days.  96 totally wore that Thomas the Tank Engine costume around the house for a week before Halloween, practicing for the big costume contest. On the day of the contest, he refused to parade before the judges. We woulda won, I'm certain!  98, still under 2, wasn't talking yet, but the passengers on his Bertie the Bus were all the animals whose sounds he liked to make.

Every parent's nightmare:
"Mom, I want to be a front end loader for Halloween."
2000: Buzz Lightyear. That's a pretzel bin
from BJ's I made the helmet out of. On Kwaj,
desperate times call for desperate measures.

2001: 98 wanted to be a skinny spider in 2001. And that's Rolie Polie Olie on the right.
(...he's small and smart and round, and in the land of curves and curls he's the swellest kid around ...)

2003: 96 won first prize at school's second grade Crazy Hat Day contest.
At $4 a pack for those Yugio cards, this hat probably cost $75.

2007:  96 was Link from Nintendo (not to worry, I didn't know wth that was, either)
and 98 was a Minuteman.

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  1. So sweet. It's amazing how quickly time passes!