Monday, January 10, 2011

Dogproofing Fail

I remember the days when putting a cup on the coffee table got it safely out of reach. I remember scrambling to move stuff to the end table, because suddenly the coffee table no longer meant childproof. Then, to the kitchen table, or higher and higher on the stairs; or, God forbid, I'd have to put something away in order to ensure its safety.

If I wanted to have to childproof my home, I'd have had another baby, thankyouverymuch. Said baby wouldn't have stolen my leftover orange chicken, though, or eaten my Burt's Bees lip balm, container and all. Admittedly, the baby might have chewed through a rattle or two, and maybe an occasional bag of dog treats. But really, Zoet? Pipe insulation?
This is a straggler I just found under the couch.  I really hope this was an open can she found and thoughtfully cleaned for me, and not a can she opened herself.  Have I mentioned the dog only gets dry food?  The cats eat canned.  Miraculously, this treat did not require a followup visit to the vet.  But I predict this episode did not involve any learning, either (by either one of us.)

About the only pristine stuff in my house anymore: dog toys.  Man, they make that stuff to last!  The orange ball and the bone? Those came with Zoet in August.

Oops - gotta run. Duty calls ...


  1. LOL. My cat Tally has decided that my end table next to my chair is his. That is, if I put anything there - my glasses, a glass of water or wine, an iphone, even a napkin or a box of kleenex - tally will knock it off. Not only will he knock stuff off the top of my end table, he will also knock off anything I put on the shelf below the top. This is a bit ridiculous, that a 15 pound cat can determine where I place things in my house, but I guess that's the way it is!

  2. Thanks, Carolyn. But you don't quite sound grateful enough ... Tally lets you live there, after all!

  3. So after reading this I think i might just have to kiss the ground my dog walks on.

  4. Thanks, A. Little Daisy couldn't jump up into your rubbish barrel!