Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lap Cat Seeking Lap

From a friend-of-a-friend at the Dana ... her young son is allergic, so she needs to find a new home for her sweet kitty, Anne.

Hard working lap cat seeks new lap to nap on. Also excels at purring, playing with toy mice and generally being cute. Anne needs a new lap as Alec, the 3 year old human child in her family, has been hospitalized twice this year with severe asthma complicated by cat allergies. Anne is an affectionate, sweet 5 year old torti. She has been an inside cat, but would enjoy some outside time in a safe environment. She enjoys the company of other cats. If you or someone you know needs an accomplished lap warmer and all around companion, leave Anne’s mom, Lorri, a message in the comments section, and I'll make sure she gets them. Also feel free to check out more details on Anne’s facebook page: “Lap cat seeking lap”.

Oh, such good news, which my humble blog helped facilitate! Thank you, all!!


  1. cute. Has the family talked to PAWS? They're a non-euthanasia shelter that will work hard to find a good home and will screen applicants well.

  2. PAWS is their last resort, if nobody can take her. I also told her about NE Animal Shelter here in Salem (although, now that you mention it, I'm not sure if she's local to the Boston area!)

    NE Animal shelter just placed its 100kth pet, so you know they know what they're doing.

  3. I have four of my own, a puppy, and my roommate has two but I would take her if I wasn't so far away. The drive is just a little too far but if she is willing to deliver then Anne can have a home in San Antonio.

  4. I keep going back to Kitty Anne's Facebook page and I finally wandered over here. We are also in eastern MA and would love to meet Anne in person to see if she's willing to live with us (2 adults, no kids) and our 14 year old male kitty. We are still mourning the loss of his litter mate, and I think he'd like having another companion. Please pass this on to Lorri.

    Hmmmm... if she's interested how can we connect? I'm not big on exposing my contact info, which is why I'm posting here in the first place instead of on Facebook. Not that this is exactly private. ;-)


  5. You're right, Mini, not much of this is private. But I will temporarily post the the email I use to manage the blog, ... I'll take it down either when I hear from you, or once I reach my "omg, I just posted my email address on a public website" skeeve threshold. Send me your contact information, and I'll forward it along to Anne's current lap.

    You, too, Geo -- unless I'm mistaken, Anne's lap says (or would, if laps could speak) she'll get Anne whereever her new forever home is!

  6. I'm glad you liked the picture of Anne's new lap I posted on Facebook. I visited them at their home, and then Lorri brought Anne to our home so she could see where Anne was going to live. And last Saturday Lorri came for a visit. She misses Anne terribly, so we hope that she will be able to visit occasionally.

    Relations between Anne and her new older brother are still a little tense, but we installed a couple of Feliway odorizers and things are starting to calm down. Anne is clearly settling in and has lap-tested both of the house laps with great success. She sleeps with us, both under and over the covers. She is just a wonderful lady and we are so delighted to have her in our lives.

    Thank you for helping us get together. Much appreciated.

  7. Hi Linda,
    I came to your blog to update you on Anne's new home and saw that her new Mom beat me to it. She is in a wonderful, loving home and I couldn't be happier... Thank you again for your help.

  8. Lorri, I'm so glad I could help! I felt awful that I just couldn't take her myself.