Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Breakfast of Champions ... If We're Talking About Junk Food Champions

I'm at the grocery store thinking maybe I should get some healthier snacks for the boys' lunches and whatnot. So I pick these up off the shelf: $2.99 on special this week,  2/$5. And I have a 50¢ coupon. Doubled. So I pick up two. I woke up a bit peckish this morning, and was inspired to have a healthy-ish breakfast. After all, it says right on the label:

• All Natural
• No Trans Fats
• Baked
• Pita Chips

I figure, good breakfast = good day. I even had orange juice instead of my usual beverage-not-to-be-named. Then I look at the nutrition facts panel on the back. Why, oh, why, do I do this to myself?

Are you kidding me? Eight, as in onetwothreefourfivesixseveneight servings per container?

Seven chips per serving? Oh, I'm sorry, it says "about 7 chips". Still, you're kidding me, right? Nobody counts their chips unless they're playing poker.

This ...

... is a recommended single serving.

By way of comparison, this ...

... was my breakfast.

And no, I don't normally eat junk food breakfast off of Aunt Lee's formal china. But I needed a good shot so I thought I'd brag on my china a bit. I love this pattern, and use the dishes far, far too infrequently. They were a wedding gift to Tom's Great-Aunt Lee  from her mother, and I was honored that she gave them to me when we came back from Kwajalein. She was married for 72 years when Uncle Johnny died in 1998. She was the youngest of her siblings: all 23 of them.


  1. To be fair, I don't most people would consider having Pita Chips _as_ breakfast. And when I looked at the nutrition label I was surprised that it wasn't a lot worse...those pita/bagel recycled chip things have always been a red light food for me.

    1 oz is the standard snack-food serving size, what you get in the vending-machine sized bags, so it's not a total joke. 140 cals is ok. The pretzels I eat are about 90/oz. Fritos are 160. <1/3 of the calories are from fat; that's pretty good. You even get a gram of fiber.

    And, hey...lesson learned, right? Right?

  2. True, Eric. One thing, though: I actually got all 8 grams of fiber contained in the bag in the one breakfast ... at the whole bag!

    Thanks for posting!

  3. I'm LOVING this nutritious breakfast! All it needs now is the chocolate-chip-cookie chaser-- there MUST be something of (nutritional) value in a chocolate-chip cookie!!!

  4. Thanks, Kathy - btw, re: chocolate: think POTASSIUM!