Monday, March 15, 2010

The Great Flood of 2010

Monday, March 15, in the afternoon. We’ve been dealing with the after effects of a pretty serious flood at our house, with over 4 feet of water in the cellar, and more pouring in each minute. I was able to rent a sump pump this morning which is pumping it out faster than the creek can pour it in, so the net effect is a lowering of the water level. That’s a good thing. Point of fact, we’re not “dealing” with anything yet, just watching the clock, waiting for the water to recede so we can actually get to the task of dealing with the aftereffects.

I spend a lot of time looking out the front door at nothing in particular, like when you open the fridge and hope something good has materialized since the last time you looked. I look out the front door and hope the whitewater is gone from the driveway, or that the curb is above water, and. I see my neighbors doing the same thing.

So I’m standing on the front stoop and strike up a conversation with a woman standing at the end of the access road into the Middlesex Fells, taking pictures. Turns out, she’s a reporter for the local paper, and she asks if she can as me a few questions. Sure, I say, but only if we come inside the house; and she gladly accedes to my demands. So she steps in the front door, sees bins of laundry and miscellaneous detritus on the couch in the living room. “Oh, good,” she said, I’m glad at least you had a chance to bring stuff up from the cellar.” “No such luck,” I think to myself, “that’s just what my living room looks like on a Monday morning”, but I didn’t say that out loud. We chatted a bit, and I showed her the cellar, and the water line from this flood and the flood in 2001, (this year's flood beat that one by at least four inches) and I show her the creek out back that is normally about 6 inches deep but that today has taken over my backyard.

Who knows if I’ll make the final article, but look for me in the Medford Transcript – pictures and all. If I end up in the article, I’ll post a link.

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